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Before you realize it, the summer holidays will be here and your kids have a lot of free time to fill. Most kids and teens will start planning their summer as an escape to the digital world, wanting to watch TV, play video games and discover social media channels all day long. But is this really what you want your kids to do?

There are many, way more beneficial, summer-time activities out there.. Our martial arts camp is a great one! At our camp, kids not only learn valuable life lessons but also take advantage of multiple health benefits. Your kids will take martial arts classes while having fun and learning how to make good choices and habits regarding lifestyle and exercise. Read on to learn more about the long-lasting health benefits our martial arts summer camp provides!


Regular exercise

Our martial arts camp is a camp full of action. There are many different kinds of  activities so it never gets boring. We provide your kids interesting days full of fun and the perfect dose of physical activities. The trick to keep your kids active is to find something they enjoy. Starting to build awareness of the importance of exercise at an early age will pay off for their entire lives!


black and white image of a young girl in a gi praticing a gymnastics moveNew hobbies

Our summer camp is a great opportunity for your kids to try martial arts and learn to love it. Your kids will discover unknown skills and abilities which is great motivation. Our summer camp is likely to show your kids their passion for martial arts. Also,  martial arts, in general, provides many aspects to take advantage of, such as physical and mental health improvement. It’s great to find something that is fun and beneficial for your children at the same time. After the summer camp, the journey doesn’t end like in other camps. When the summer is over, your kids can simply join our regular classes in Rahway, Belleville, or Howell and continue practicing.


Establish healthy habits

A few weeks of our camp is a great start in getting fit and developing a healthy lifestyle, but the true benefits are in establishing those changes in daily life. By learning to stay active and include healthy routines in everyday life, your kids will begin to live a great lifestyle, being aware of their personal health. This will be beneficial for the upcoming years.

To support this lifestyle, make sure you talk with your kids about lessons learned and  how they can be included in their life at home. By doing so, healthy habits will become a part of your kid’s life naturally and change their way of living for a lifetime.


Disconnect from electronicsyoung boy praticing a high kick with an instructor while in a red gym

As already mentioned, digital activities became more important in children’s everyday lives and this trend seems to be continuing. Nowadays, teens spend up to eight hours a day using media. Children between eight and twelve spend around 6 hours a day using media which is way too much. Spending that much time in front of the TV, computers, and smartphones means a lack of movement and activity. These habits persist into adulthood and have negative impacts of your kid’s long-term health. In our summer camp, the kids learn how much fun they can have away from the screen and start to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.


Sign up your kids now

We can guarantee, our summer camp is going to be a great experience for your kids in many different ways. We’re looking forward to a summer full of fun, new friendships, development, and growth. The summer is getting closer and if you don’t have plans for your kids yet, you should be fast and sign your kids up before all the free spots are gone!

If you have any questions, just contact us via Facebook message, email or phone. We hope to hear from you soon!

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