Public Perception vs. Reality…FIGHT!

It’s no secret that, to someone who has yet to begin their training, there’s a certain mysterious allure that comes with the mention of martial arts. It’s the sense of an untapped power bigger than yourself that YOU can become a part of (with the right teacher!) In a lot of ways, this is very true! Television, movies, comics, and media as a whole have inspired thousands upon thousands of people to take up martial arts thanks to characters like “wise masters” in Jackie Chan movies, Mr. Miyagi, and yes…even Yoda and Master Splinter.

The idea that martial arts are a closely guarded ancient secret that can bring you almost mystical levels of power after a few training sessions with your sensei is a fun, enticing idea. In reality, it’s going to take more than a montage for you to reach your goals! The truth is, like any difficult skill worth knowing, martial arts takes time, dedication, and perseverance. Don’t get discouraged! This dedication is what’s going to help you unlock the TRUE secret of martial arts. What is this secret? Let’s examine and dispel some commonly-held myths first in order to better understand the mindset.


Myth: Modern Martial Arts are “watered down” versions of ancient, secretive styles.

While it may have been true (centuries ago!) that fighting techniques were kept under wraps for military purposes, nowadays there’s no need to make a pilgrimage to the top of a mountain to hone your skills. Martial arts of many styles have been meticulously studied, practiced, and refined over the years. It’s quite possible a martial arts master from the 1700s would get his butt kicked by someone versed in the art today.

Myth: It will take years before I’m able to defend myself

On the flip-side of the spectrum, there are those who believe they simply don’t have the time to learn basic self-defense. It is completely understandable that all this talk of dedication and perseverance might scare off one who isn’t used to this kind of lifestyle. The important thing to remember is that what you get out of martial arts is directly proportional to what you are willing and able to put into your training. You don’t have to walk the path of a black belt in order to pick up some basic practical self-defense techniques!

Myth: It’s too hard to find an affordable “true” martial arts school

My friend, you’ve already found it! Sovereign Martial Arts was founded with the intention of bringing the benefits of martial arts and the “Champions for Life” mentality to you and your family. Whether you’ve already made the decision to devote yourself to the path of the black belt, or you want your children to learn valuable morals and skills that will impact the rest of their lives, we’re ready to welcome you to the SMA family.

The Secret

So, what’s the REAL secret of martial arts? Well…there isn’t one. No techniques hidden on ancient scrolls, no magical amulets, no shortcuts. There’s only the transformative power of committing yourself to your goals, surpassing your limits, and applying lessons learned to better yourself. We can’t wait to help you achieve all this and more!

Jose and Jana DiCervo