Shihan Jose DiCervo


Jose DiCervo is a martial arts entrepreneur. He began his entrepreneurship experience at the age of 5. Where he shoe shined in the neighborhood and charged 25 cents for the shoes and 50 cents for the boots. That’s where he got his biz appetite and once he came into the USA that dream was kept alive.
Jose DiCervo has been running successful martial arts schools since 1997.
He received many awards through the years and is a 6th degree black belt as well as a high ranking member of the Krav Maga Organization.
But his most recent accomplishment is receiving the honors of being a Pastor for the Shotokan karate organization for spreading good will and the gospel in the martial arts community.
Jose DiCervo lives in Manalapan NJ.

About The Author

Jose DiCervo came to the United States from Cuba in December of 1976. When he arrived he lived in Queens New York for about 6 weeks. He then moved to West New York New Jersey with his family and lived there until his late teens.
He had always trained the martial arts …He began judo training in Cuba along with Olympic wrestling. Once he got to the US he continued  judo training until the judo school closed. He then went and learned kung fu until the rank of brown belt. He met his karate instructor in a tournament which was the moment he decided he wanted to learn Shotokan karate. He’s been studying and training in the art of Shotokan since then.
Throughout the years he developed a desire to teach the martial arts and develop others. That is how he began his teaching career. He opened his first location in December of 1996. Excited to share the love and change people’s lives through the martial arts he didn’t realize it would have a major impact in his own life.
Through the many challenges that life brings he changed the name of the school twice to what it is now: Sovereign Martial Arts. Going from one location to three locations which are very successful. With raving fans that love the martial arts and the environment of SMA.
Throughout all those years he competed nationally and local to gain experience in the competition world and to be able to bring a different view to his students.

Martial arts accomplishments

Some of DiCervo’s martial arts accomplishments includes competing and winning well over 300 trophies and plaques. Being part of the team to represent the US against Puerto Rico and winning the World Championship. Being inducted in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame twice and being recognized as a martial arts pastor dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. He earned the rank of 6th degree Blackbelt in the martial arts earning him the title of Shidoshi but continuing to use the title of Shihan. Shihan means a master of the arts. He however doesn’t make it mandatory for others to call him by his title rather than call him by name.
One of the things he loves about teaching and running Sovereign Martial Arts is the freedom to impact the lives of families through the martial arts with the values and principles of the Bible.